01. I need to practice a lot in order to [refine] my tennis serve.
02. She shows a lot of promise as a violinist, but she needs to [refine] her technique somewhat.
03. Police raided an illegal laboratory in a house in Seattle today where they confiscated equipment used for [refining] heroin.
04. The latest safety [refinements] make this Volvo the best family car available today.
05. When sugar is [refined], it changes from brown to white.
06. An oil [refinery] serves to make gasoline from crude oil.
07. She is a woman of [refined] tastes, in clothing, wine, and men.
08. William T. Sherman once observed that war is cruel, and you cannot [refine] it.
09. We have been working for days [refining] our plans to prepare them for presentation to the board.
10. Continued experimentation has allowed scientists to [refine] their techniques.
11. Police say the cocaine, [refined] to a high level of purity, was worth an estimated $500,000.
12. She doesn't eat any [refined] sugar or flour in her diet.
13. Isaac Newton [refined] Kepler's model of planetary motion, but did not perfect it.
14. A scientist studies nature by [refining] old models or creating new models.
15. Observers say that a number of oil [refineries] were hit during the attack, and are now burning out of control.
16. Nutritionists tell us that we should not eat too many [refined] foods.
17. To produce $1 billion of cocaine only requires about $3 million in [refining] chemicals and coca leaves.
18. Oil processing began in Trinidad and Tobago in 1914 when the first [refinery] opened.
19. Huge oil [refineries] line the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
20. To [refine] one barrel of crude oil requires 7,300 liters of water.
21. The [refinement] of the process has resulted in a marked increase in efficiency.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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